Job Tips

Retail Jobs vs. Manufacturing Jobs

August 23, 2019

Whether you are searching for a new job opportunity or wondering what industry is the right fit for you to work in, it’s important to find a career in an industry that has the best opportunity for growth, makes a positive difference in the world, and leaves a satisfying feeling at the end of the day.


Two of the most common industries that people look at when searching for a job are retail and manufacturing. When it comes to understanding what is different between these two, look at what the benefits are of each and what is personally the best fit for you.


Benefits with a Career in Manufacturing


  • Strong Opportunity for Growth & Advancement – Not only do many manufacturing jobs start at a much higher hourly wage than retail, but the room for advancement has a high ceiling. On top of that, these workers are more likely to have a high-valued benefit package that includes medical insurance, retirement packages, and so on.


  • Large Variety of Industries & Job Types – Manufacturing is much more than just an assembly line and provides potential and flexibility to people of many different backgrounds. Job types can range from management jobs, supervisor jobs, logistics jobs, production jobs, quality jobs, maintenance jobs, and much more.


  • Making a Direct Impact to the Economy – When it comes to total output and employment, manufacturing is the most important sector to the U.S economy. This industry has a direct positive impact on the global, national, and local economy, which provides a feeling of satisfaction to workers knowing they are making a difference.


  • See the Tangible Outcome of Your Labor – Another great benefit of working in manufacturing is that you are often working on real and tangible products. This allows the chance to physically see the outcome of your production job and take pride in it.


  • Be on the Cutting Edge of Technology – Manufacturing jobs have always been a leader in the technology field and is proactive when it comes to implementing these. This leads to both better working conditions and a happier work environment for employees knowing that they are at the forefront of the tech world.


  • Completely Safe and Low Risk Environment – A common misconception when it comes to this industry is the unsafe work environment, which is simply not true nowadays. Manufacturing jobs are safer and smarter than ever with new technologies and automations in place, leaving little to no risk for the employee.


Benefits with a Career in Retail


  • Flexible Schedule – Retail jobs are great for individuals who need more flexibility in their work schedule and are only looking for part-time positions. Many retailers offer weekend or evening positions for those individuals who already have a full-time job or are currently going to school.


  • Employee Discounts – One of the best perks when working in retail is the store discount that some companies offer. Typically, most discounts range anywhere between 10% to 25%, but some can be as high as 50%. Since most retail jobs don’t provide a high hourly wage, this can be an important factor to look at.


  • Easy to Find – There are plenty of jobs available, especially if you are looking for a part-time position. Since little to no experience is required, these jobs are easy to get right away or for something that is needed temporarily.


  • Customer Service Experience – Although customer service is in some form part of every job, working in retail gives you the opportunity to deal with customers face-to-face on a daily basis. This is also great sales experience when it comes to selling products.


What Industry is Best for You


Depending on where you are currently at in life, a job in either manufacturing or retail could be the best fit. Evaluate what your personal goals are and what values are most important to you.


If you are looking for something temporary because of schooling or need an extra part-time job at night or on the weekend, a job in the retail industry may be what you are looking for.


On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to grow within a fast-paced industry, make a direct impact on your life and the lives around you, and see the real tangible outcomes of your labor, then the manufacturing industry is for you.


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