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Czech Republic

Drylock is a global leading manufacturer of private label personal hygiene products, ranging from baby care and feminine care to adult care.

By working at Drylock, you become part of a highly innovative company that firmly believes that the future is green.

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Plant Hrádek nad Nisou in Czech Republic

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Chief Accountant
Hrádek nad Nisou, Czech Republic
My former boss brought me to Drylock - and the fact that I have been with the company for over 10 years proves that it was a good choice. At work, I appreciate the excellent colleagues in the team and also the nice modern working space. And because I love the mountains, the view of the Lusatian Mountains from our office is a very nice bonus.
Line Operator
Hrádek nad Nisou, Czech Republic
I have a family so I appreciate the stability of the work at Drylock - I can rely on it - diapers will always sell. And also that I don't have to travel far for work like in the past when I worked abroad or as a freelancer. I also appreciate the excellent colleagues I have around me.
Incoming Material Quality Controller
Hrádek nad Nisou, Czech Republic
I have been at Drylock for over 5 years and, because I enjoy driving, I started out as a forklift driver. Recently, I've moved to a new position where I check the quality of the incoming material as it is delivered to our plant. What I appreciate the most is the team I work with - I feel more like I'm among friends here than at work.
Shift Leader
Hrádek nad Nisou, Czech Republic
I work with people at Drylock and I enjoy it. I can build a team that is a joy to work with. I'm pleased when I manage to develop employees and move them up the career ladder, and the person who didn't believe they could do it at first thanks me later on for it. That is very satisfying.
Safety Technician
Hrádek nad Nisou, Czech Republic
What I enjoy about my job is that it's varied and every day is a little bit different. I also enjoy having the confidence to work independently. And I appreciate that the company has accommodated me so that, given my personal situation, I can now work part-time.


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