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Drylock is a global leading manufacturer of private label personal hygiene products, ranging from baby care and feminine care to adult care.

By working at Drylock, you become part of a highly innovative company that firmly believes that the future is green.

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Rosângela Fonseca_def
Laboratory Coordinator
Capivari, Brasil
I'm proud to be part of the Drylock team, sharing experiences with professionals focused on innovative projects and technological equipment, all of this with great respect for our environment. Understanding that we are part of important changes for access to quality products, providing the best experience to our customers and with less impact on the planet, motivates us daily to seek alternatives to contribute to this transformative process.
Helena Forte
Human Resources Assistant
Capivari, Brasil
Working at Drylock is a unique experience. A welcoming company that thinks about the well-being of each employee. Here is a place where we can learn and grow professionally every day.
Janaina Favaro Possignolo
Favaro Possignolo
Accounts Receivable Analyst
Capivari, Brasil
Drylock is a lovely company. With its quality products and its technological vision, it always seeks the best to offer and captivate its customers. Its growth and success are reasons to be proud. Being part of the Drylock team gives me great gratitude! There are new challenges every day, which makes me want to be better, overcome obstacles, and have the courage to face any challenge!
Purchasing Manager
Capivari, Brazil
Working at Drylock is inspiring: we come into contact with different types of products, machines, technologies and especially with extremely experienced professionals, committed to the product and the environment. In addition to taking care of the present, Drylock thinks a lot about the future - and that inspires me!
Santos Filho
Production coordinator
Capivari, Brazil
I have worked at Drylock Technologies for over 20 years and I am very pleased to have been part of this team for so long. In this time, I have been able to witness major changes in raw materials, the evolution of production lines and, in recent years, the exchange between units in Brazil and Europe. This makes our work more challenging as we’re always looking for new knowledge and improvements. I'm proud to be part of this team that faces and overcomes all challenges!
Michael Gomes Luchini - Maintenance Supervisor
Gomes Luchini
Maintenance supervisor
Capivari, Brazil
I have worked at Drylock Technologies Capivari for 22 years. I started as a Sealer Assistant, then Operator Assistant, Operator, Mechanic, Electromechanic and, finally, Maintenance Supervisor. I had a lot of help from great professionals throughout my career. I am an accomplished professional and very happy to be part of this team.
Suelen Fernanda
de Castro Silva
Safety and Environmental Analyst
Capivari, Brazil
Working at Drylock Technologies is being part of a team of champions and a reputable company in the industry. The company seeks to provide opportunities for everyone to show their potential and talents. I admire the commitment to innovation and sustainability and I appreciate the company’s commitment to employee development, providing opportunities for growth.

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