Get a job with a company that fits your lifestyle.

At Drylock we’re committed to supporting the lifestyle that you lead.

We know it’s often what happens after work rather than what happens at work; whether that’s time spent in the woods, on the shores, or around the dinner table, we’re determined to provide the career - and the paycheck - to make it possible.

But wait... What does Drylock do?

Drylock is a leading manufacturer of hygiene products, protecting people and the environment through continuous innovation. At our Eau Claire plant, we make adult incontinence protection products such as pads, briefs, and protective underwear.

Why work at Drylock?

Health & Wellness Center

Built with you in mind we have on-site primary care, physical therapy, fitness center and cafeteria. We’ll bring wellness to the workplace to save you and your family time and money.

Skills Without Bills

We invest in you with on-the-job training and real life experience.

Growth Tracks

You’re good at what you do. We’ll reward your expertise with opportunities to grow with us through several tracks. You decide your training pace and path.

Built In Balance

Less is more. Work half the days in a year and spend more time with your family. Have fun and hit your hobbies hard.

Secure Future

Get comfortable. Support a family. Grow with a secure company and even retire strong.

Top Level Benefits

We offer a full benefit package including health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation, 401(k) retirement savings and so much more.

meet drylock employee Levi

Meet Levi

Levi loves spending time on his hobbies and with his family. With a career at Drylock he gets to:

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Have questions about working at Drylock?

You’re not the only one. Learn more about the frequently asked questions we get about the details of working in our manufacturing facility.

Drylock hiring manager wearing a blue shirt

Open Positions

We have a worldwide team that is 2,000 people strong and growing quickly. If you’re ready to join our mission and build your career, view open positions today.

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