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The 4 Most Important Employee Benefits You’re Missing Out On

February 18, 2019

Nearly all manufacturing companies advertise the same benefits.

And it goes something like this…

“Now hiring!  We offer competitive pay and benefits”

But does that really mean that all jobs claiming to offer competitive pay and benefits are about the same

Not exactly.

About 30% of your total compensation usually comes from those added benefits. But it doesn’t end there.  Employers can offer a very wide range of what they mean by “competitive benefits” so you should make sure you getting your full 30% (or more if you’re smart).


Here are 4 employee benefits that most employees miss out on:


  1. Physical Therapy: Manufacturing jobs are hard work and it’s important to pay attention to any injuries you have because working injured can cause bigger problems (and biggers costs) later on.  But physical therapy is expensive. Some employers are actually now offering on-site physical therapy and this can save you a lot of time and money and prevent you from losing any work time with injuries in the future.  It can be hard to find an employer who offers on-site physical therapy, but job seekers who find these jobs will be rewarded.
  2. On-site Doctor Visits: This is a new trend in employee benefits.  You used to simply expect an employer to offer health insurance but now employees are looking for employers to actually bring doctor visits right to the workplace.  If your employer doesn’t offer this, you and your family may be spending too much time and money on your healthcare. If you’re looking for a new job, now is a great time to look for an employer who has a wellness center with on-site doctor visits.
  3. ‘Earn-As-You-Learn’ Training:  Are you starting to see a trend here? These new employer benefits are all about saving you more time and money in the real world.  You don’t need to be spending large amounts of time and money on outside schooling. Since you’re investing in your employer by working for them, you should also look for your employer to offer skills training programs that invest in you as well.  The best training programs offer a clear and predictable path to advancement where you can earn more as you complete more training tracks.
  4. Retirement Package: While we’re seeing these new benefits becoming more important to job seekers, it’s also important to not forget about the traditional benefits that add a lot of value to your benefit package.  Retirement may be a long way away, but employers incentivize their employees to stay with their company by making significant investments into their retirement accounts and you don’t want to miss out on that free money.  When you’re comparing wages between different employers, make sure you’re also comparing their retirement packages as well so you don’t take a small raise while losing out on a generous retirement package that you’ll regret later on.


Other things to ask a potential employer about:

  • What holidays are paid?
  • How flexible is the work schedule?
  • Are breaks paid or unpaid?
  • Health & wellness extras (such as a gym or wellness incentives)
  • Miscellaneous perks (review social media accounts for employee activities like giveaways, appreciations events, etc.)

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