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Drylock is a global leading manufacturer of personal hygiene products for retail brands, ranging from baby care and feminine care to adult care.

By working at Drylock, you become part of a highly innovative company that firmly believes that the future is green.

We are known for being an absolute pioneer in our industry: we were the first hygiene company to run on 100% green renewable energy and we introduced the world’s first compostable diaper. We continuously invest in new innovations and optimize our state-of-the-art factories.

What’s more is we care about our employees and want to give them the best possible work-life balance.

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a people-centric

As a family business we highly value our employees. – but with 5 international offices and 10 plants worldwide, we are anything but small. At Drylock, we’re committed to supporting the lifestyle that you lead.

We know it’s often what happens after work rather than what happens at work; whether that’s time spent in the woods, on the shores, or around the dinner table, we’re determined to provide the career – and the paycheck – to make it possible.

Built with you in mind, we have on-site primary care, physical therapy, a fitness center and cafeteria. We’ll bring wellness to the workplace to save you and your family time and money.

top level

We offer a full benefit package including health insurance, dental insurance and so much more. We also offer flexibility towards your work-life balance by, for example, working from home.

having a
positive impact

Our dedicated teams consistently push the boundaries, bringing our mission, “innovate to protect,” to life. Their unbridled passion ensures that we stay at the forefront of the latest developments, consistently delivering cutting-edge products that not only improve our customers’ lives, but also contribute to a greener future.

an agile

Pursuing a career at Drylock means working with young and highly talented teams in a dynamic, global work environment. Our modern workspaces are thoughtfully designed and equipped with the latest ergonomic tools, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Our plants boast state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum efficiency.

a secure and

Our devotion to employee welfare and our commitment to sustained growth go hand in hand. We prioritize creating a safe and respectful workplace where everyone, regardless of position, background, or viewpoint, has an equal opportunity to thrive. Our focus on inclusion and diversity ensures that everyone is heard and valued, making our workplace welcoming to all.

your growth

Our open company culture fosters an environment where everyone is encouraged to take initiative. We firmly believe in the potential of each individual and acknowledge their unique voice.

We invest in you with on-the-job training and real life experience. We offer a wide range of career development opportunities to help you expand your skills and pursue your goals. You decide your training pace and path.

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