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Top reasons to consider a job in manufacturing

December 29, 2020

Job growth opportunity, benefits, and other reasons that will make you reconsider the value of working for a high-tech manufacturer. 


#1: Make something you can see.

Most jobs involve computers, paperwork, and intangible outcomes. That means at the end of each day of work, you’ve been busy… but you’re not really sure what you accomplished. But when you work in high-tech manufacturing, you can literally see what you made: hold it, touch it, use it. When you put in a shift, you can count the items you made, watch them get shipped and put into use out in the real world. And trust us, that’s a pretty good feeling. 

#2: Unmatched Opportunity to Move Up in the Company. 

With more and more baby boomers retiring, the opportunity to grow within a manufacturing company is more real than ever. Many manufacturers like us here at Drylock Technologies allow you to work your way up into management over time, providing paid training as you go to help you level up your skills. You’ll be more and more valuable over time as you learn more and do more within the company. 

#3: Work with Cutting Edge Technology. 

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for better ways to crank out the products we make. That means we’ll try new things and that includes advanced technology. For example, here at Drylock Technologies we use a robot that takes boxes off the production line and puts them on the appropriate pallets for shipping. It’s pretty cool to watch but even more fun to operate. 

#4: Get Good pay and Incredibly Good Benefits.

Even at a starting wage, manufacturers are well-known for offering good pay and that’s no different here at Drylock. However, where many manufacturers outshine other industries is in their suite of benefits. For Drylock, those include 401k matching, onsite physical therapy and fitness center, and cafeteria. 

#5: Job Security

Getting a job in manufacturing means you’ll never worry about losing your job. That especially rings true for the folks here at Drylock. We’ve never had a layoff and are constantly growing. Think about it: if you’re making diapers, are there ever going to be less people who need them? 

#6: Extremely Safe Work Environment

Forget the days of scary work environments. Modern manufacturing like Drylock offer a safe place to work and doesn’t even come close to the hazards you can encounter with other jobs such as construction and landscaping, truck driving, and farming. Here at Drylock, every person on the team has safety training every few months. There are also layers of safety precautions to prevent injuries. Above all, we want our team to be safe so they can enjoy their work and have fun with their loved ones at home.

#7: Stay Active, Stay Fit

High-tech manufacturing gives you the chance to be moving all day, which is of course fantastic for your health. Rather than feeling fatigued at the end of a day of sitting (which is terrible for your health), you’ll have more energy by having been part of a team of experts solving problems and moving around all over the production floor. If you track your steps, manufacturing jobs give you the opportunity to stay fit. 

#8: Make a Difference in the World.

When you work in manufacturing, people are depending on you for the stuff you make. For example, over 16% of men and women in the US have incontinence. That’s over 1 in 7 people. Drylock makes products that helps them live their daily life without being held back by incontinence. Whether it’s diapers and incontinence products like us here at Drylock, pharmaceuticals, or engine parts, manufacturing makes the world a better place. We love that our products help folks all over the world. 


If you want a fresh start for your career, try manufacturing. You’ll work alongside a great team of positive people and be able to see the tangible difference you made at the end of every shift.


Drylock Technologies is hiring. We’re a high-tech manufacturer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, serving the entire globe. Check out our open positions here.