Watch how a job at Drylock gave Chris the means to do more of what he loves.

Are you ready for steady?

With a living wage that starts at $19.75/hour (or $20.95/hr with shift differential) for our Production Operators, you can afford to start a family, buy a new car, or even buy a house. Or if you want to pour more of your newfound income into your passion for videogames, we won’t judge!

Never worry about layoffs again. Our industry is growing. Diapers will always be needed.

You’ll know your schedule up to a year in advance. Advanced vacation planning anyone?

Get more time with your loved ones or your hobbies with a schedule that allows you 15 days off every month.

Group of Drylock employees

What our employees say

Photo of Chris who works at Drylock Technologies

“I like that it’s a family-owned company and that Drylock cares about its employees. I also like being able to work as a team to combat anything our day brings us.” 

– Chris M.

Photo of Brian

“There’s a lot the company does for its employees that other companies won’t. My coworkers are all so nice. No matter what kind of mood you’re in there’s always someone who will end up making you smile.

– Joe M.

Photo of Josh

“I like how family-friendly this company is. It is wonderful having more days to spend with my family with the work schedule here.

– Joe R.

Why work at Drylock?

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“But what if I don’t have experience?”

It’s ok if you have zero experience in manufacturing. We’ve trained hundreds of employees from scratch, employees who had backgrounds in retail, healthcare, and other non-manufacturing industries. Plus, as you get more and more training over time you’ll become a more and more valuable employee, increasing your pay and promotion opportunities.