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Manufacturing Wages In the Eau Claire Area

March 11, 2019

Eau Claire and the surrounding areas of Chippewa Falls and Menomonie have a lot of options for manufacturing jobs.  When looking for a position, job wages are an important factor and can vary by several dollars per hour from employer to employer.


We gathered information about local manufacturing compensation so you have an idea of how much money you can make and whether a potential employer is paying in the higher or lower range.


Hourly Wages


Eau Claire area manufacturing wages start around $15.00/hr on the low side and $20.00/hr on the high side.  Keep in mind that wage is just one part of what makes up your total compensation and a good benefits package (that saves your family costs on healthcare and puts money in your retirement account) can account for an additional 30% or more in compensation.


Job Bonuses


On average, about 30% of employers offer bonuses to hourly, non exempt employees (which is what most manufacturing positions are).  Bonuses can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and may be paid annually or quarterly.


Overtime Wage Rate


The federal minimum for overtime for hourly employees is 1.5 times the hourly base rate.  This means that if your standard wage is $16.00/hr and are putting in overtime, your overtime wage would be $24.00/hr.  Some employers have optional overtime shifts to fill while others may have periods of mandatory overtime during busy times.


Profit Sharing


Profit sharing is when employees receive a direct share of an employers profit and may increase or decrease based on profitability.  The majority of employers do not offer profit sharing but instead offer a retirement savings plan that the employer and employee both contribute to.


Annual Raise Percentage


Your annual raise depends on several factors.  Work performance, dependability, and the company’s profitability are all factors that may affect a potential annual raise.  Average annual raises are usually in the 2-3% range and may vary from employee to employee within a company. In addition to an annual raise, some employers also set benchmarks that employees.


An understanding of Eau Claire manufacturing wages can help you get the best overall compensation package for the work that you do.  While wages are only one component of a high-quality job, its important to evaluate your own wages and consider if and when it’s time to look for a new job in the Eau Claire area.