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How to Create a Manufacturing Resume in 8 Minutes

February 17, 2020

One of the tedious parts of applying for jobs is filling out resumes.


They can take a long time to complete and feel repetitive.


But if you want a great job, you need to make sure you get your resume in front of the employers you want to work for.


Here’s how to put together a GREAT resume in 8 minutes or less.


The 8 Minute Resume Recipe

Step 1: Start with a blank document.

Use this to put your background information in one place. When submitting resumes on Indeed or company websites, it’ll be a lot faster to copy and paste.


Step 2: List your contact info.

List your email, phone number, and mailing address for quick copying and pasting.


Step 3: Go look up information about your past employers.

This is the section that slows people down. Get your phone out, Google your past employer’s contact information, and push through this section. If you are unsure of your dates of employment, reach out to them. You only have to look them up one time if you make sure to add them to your document from step 1.


Step 4: Write 2-3 sentences about each job.

What were your essential job duties? What skills did you develop? What were your reasons for leaving? Virtually every application will ask these questions. Save time by copying and pasting them.


Step 5: List the name, phone, and email of 3 references.

Some employers will ask, and some won’t. But if you’re excited about a new job and want to submit an application quickly, you’ll get caught up if you don’t have references ready to enter.


PRO TIP: Make sure you’ve asked your references if you can list them so they aren’t surprised when they get a phone call from someone asking about you.


Step 6: Use a very simple resume format.

This way you can upload your resume if an employer asks for a PDF, or you can copy and paste it into a website if an employer is using an online form.


Make sure to periodically update the information on your resume. If your contact information has changed, you’ll want to update the information in step 2. If you take on new job duties or gain new skills at your current employer, update the information in step four.


Submitting Your Application

Prior to submitting your application, make sure you double check your resume for grammar and accuracy. Silly mistakes can make you look sloppy and might cause you to miss out on an interview. When you’ve double checked it, submit your application and make a follow up phone call in one to two weeks to show that you’re interested.


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