How Do I Apply To Drylock?

January 28, 2020

So, you’ve gone online and researched Drylock:


You’ve seen how we offer a competitive benefits package:


You’re ready for an employer to start investing in YOU:


You want in:


So…. how do you actually apply?


We’re glad you asked!


Before we get into how to apply, let’s talk about what information you’ll want to have on hand prior to applying.


Information you’ll want to have ready

Here is some of the information you’ll want to have ready so you can quickly apply and see if a new job at Drylock is in your future.

Contact Info: Name, address, phone number, email.
Employment history: Where have you worked, what did you do there, how long were you employed, what were your reasons for leaving? You will also need contact information for your previous employers.
References: People who know your work and can tell us more about you. It’s best if your references are past supervisors or managers.
Education background: Did you graduate high school? Have a technical degree? We’d love to know about it.


How to Apply for an Open Position

There are numerous ways to apply for one of our open positions. The most common way to apply is by going to workatdrylock.com. Once on the jobs page you can click on which open position you would like to apply for. In addition, we post our openings on some of the job boards, such as Indeed. Indeed will then prompt you to apply on our company site.

How to Apply When There Aren’t Any Openings
When we don’t have any open positions, you can still apply at workatdrylock.com You do this by clicking on the Application for Employment hyperlink. When you submit an application it will be entered into our database. Whenever we start hiring again your application will be one of the first applications we’ll look at. If your skills and experience appear to be a match, we’ll contact you.


Still Need Convincing? Here’s Why You’ll Love Drylock:

  1. Health and wellness center: Built with you in mind we have an on-site clinic, physical therapy, and fitness center. We’ll bring wellness to the workplace to save you and your family time and money.
  2. Skills without bills: We invest in you. On the job training and real life experience.
  3. Growth tracks: You’re good at what you do. We’ll reward your expertise with opportunities to grow with us through several tracks. You decide your training pace and path.
  4. A secure future: Get comfortable. Support a family. Grow with a secure company and retire strong.
  5. Built in balance: Less is more. Work half the days in a year and spend more time with your family. Have fun and hit your hobbies hard.
  6. Top level benefits: We offer a full benefit package including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid vacation, 401(k) retirement savings and so much more


Ready to apply? Submit your application today.