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Don’t EVER Do This On Your Job Application

March 24, 2020

Deciding what to do on your job application can be just as important as deciding what NOT to do on your application.


We’ve seen great applications and we’ve seen applications that could use a little work.


We’ve seen incomplete applications and we’ve seen applications that went a little overboard.


In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things that you should consider NOT doing in your application.


Writing An Application? Don’t Do These Things


1. Complain about or blame a previous employer.

If you left a job where you were unhappy, it can be tempting to talk about all of the bad characteristics of that job that made you want to leave. Our advice? Leave that out of your application. Don’t blame previous employers or coworkers or complain about anyone; it can make you look like a poor team player.


2. Leave out legal issues on your record

Many people want to hide or minimize criminal activity that is on their record. Most employers screen employees and will discover any criminal activity. Oftentimes having something on your record won’t disqualify you from a job, but hiding it makes you look dishonest and will likely make employers wonder if you can be trusted.


3. Rush your application

Speeding through your application usually creates mistakes and incorrect grammar. If you really want the job, take your time and get your application right.


4. Forget to Tell Your References You’re Listing Them

When you list your references on your job application, it’s always a good idea to contact them and let them know you’ve listed them. That way they can be prepared when a recruiter calls and they aren’t caught off guard.


5. List The Wrong Contact Info

It happens more times than you’d think. If you get a new phone number, update your resume. Make sure your phone, email, and address are up to date if you hope to get contacted by an employer.


6. Exaggerate Your Experience

If you worked at an employer for 3 years and got a promotion in the last 6 months, make sure not to exaggerate and say that you had the higher position for the whole 3 years. Employers will often call your previous place of work to verify your information so make sure to be completely accurate.


When In Doubt…


If you’re not sure what to put on your application, keep it simple. Be honest, take your time, and make sure that your application materials are all up to date.


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