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7 Questions Answered About Hunting For a Manufacturing Job

February 26, 2019

It’s been a little while since you’ve been in the market for a new job or maybe it’s your first time.
There is a lot going on right now in manufacturing jobs and a lot has changed which means job seekers need to be more prepared than ever before.
We asked local HR Director, Teresa Ritzinger, to answer some of the most burning (and popular) questions about hunting for a new manufacturing job.
Here are her answers:
What changes are you seeing in manufacturing job seekers?

More and more, job seekers are looking for companies that go above and beyond to provide unconventional benefits that take even better care of their families.  They’re also looking for work life balance. Culture is king and employees want to work for a great team with a strong (and fun) culture.

Lastly with the high demand for manufacturing labor, job seekers hold a lot of power right now.  Use that to your advantage and find a manufacturing job that really meets your pay and lifestyle needs.
What benefits should a manufacturing job seeker be looking for?

(Almost) all employers say they offer competitive pay and full benefits.  A few benefits that you should look for BEYOND the standard set are on-site healthcare and paid training.  A few employers are bringing healthcare right to the job site with on-site doctor visits, physical therapy and wellness initiatives for employees.  Another benefit that can save time & money and build your career is a robust training program that allows you to progress your skills (and pay) without having to get outside schooling.
How can a job seeker find the best paying company?

Contact employers directly using facebook messages or email to ask what their starting pay is.  They’re used to responding to real world questions on the fly and can save you time before applying.  Also keep in mind the benefits they offer because a high starting wage with incomplete benefits isn’t usually going to be a good option for you in the long run. Sometimes ‘good pay’ at a warehouse or factory job actually just compensates for ‘poor benefits,’ and depending on your age and stage of life can be quite costly for you.
Are there any red flags that you see in candidates?

We look at employment history first to see if an applicant has some stability in their background so they aren’t just going to jump around.  Other red flags for Production Operators are a habit of showing up late and incomplete applications. Take your time when applying and make sure you’re reading all of the questions & instructions in order to do a  thorough job. It can really make you stand out.
What are the top 2 qualities you look for in a candidate?

Dependability & teamwork are two of our most desired qualities.  We want guys & gals who show up every day, get their work done safely and efficiently, and get along great with their coworkers.
What can new employees do to make themselves stand out for future promotions?

It is so important to start off making a great impression.  Ask questions to learn your job thoroughly and then demonstrate that you’re willing to work hard on day #1 (yes even if day one is just training).  As you gain experience, ask for opportunities to learn and you’ll be surprised at how you can set yourself up for future promotions.
What’s more important?  A strong application or a great interview?

An application gets you in the door and the interview gets you the job.  Take your time on the application and then put your best foot forward in the interview.  If you work hard on your application, you’ll have a job offer before you know it and you won’t have to fill out 10 applications just to get one job offer.